Career and Professional Development

The Career and Professional Development (CPD) team is looking forward to working with you throughout your MBA.

Summer and co-op job searches start early, so we’ve provided resources to help you develop your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile below.

Part of your pre-work this summer is to update your resume (using the instructions on this page). A member of our team will review it. Then, during Onboarding Week, you’ll get personalized feedback from one of our Relationship Managers.

In the meantime, review the tips and guidelines below and start developing your new cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile.

If you have any questions, you can contact a Relationship Manager at

Beginning Your Career Journey

Cynthia Bishop
Manager, Student Experience

Supporting Documents

Cover Letters Made Easy

Jacquie Gomes
Relationship Manager

Supporting Documents

Getting Your Resume Market-Ready

Mia Callaghan-Hudson
Relationship Manager

Supporting Documents

Are You LinkedIn?

Debra Daniels
Manager, Employer Development